The “Divine” Jumpsuit Kaftan Revamp!

diy kaftan refashion


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Also, thank you for the love shown for my Helena tribal diy skirt with pockets!! I thank you for your positive and encouraging comments.  I love you guys!!! If you want to read about my skirt, you can do so HERE.

  Have you ever had an idea that just worked and when it did, it seemed.. divine? Well, that’s what kind of happened with this Kaftan Jumpsuit Revamp! 

I love to refashion, revamp, and upcycle existing items of clothing and when I saw this Kaftan style night gown, all I could think about was a Harem jumpsuit!  It was only $9.99 so if I messed at least I would end up with a couple of really cool head wraps lol.  I made a few measurements, drew a couple of sketches, and viola! my Divine Jumpsuit was born!!   This is what  it looked like before.


diy kaftan refashion

my $9.99 Kaftan style nightgown open on the floor


On my dress form


The neckline made it look super “nightgownish”, so that was the first thing to go.  All I did was cut it out like this.

kaftan refashion


It came with a drawstring in the front (bonus) which was about 1 1/2 inches below my bust.  I then measured from that area down to where I wanted my jumpsuit to hang.  I decided to make mine Harem style, so I settled at 20 inches from the draw string down to where I wanted the crotch to be.



Keeping my measuring tape in the center (the design really helped with that!! Double bonus), I made a wide triangle making sure that my cut would keep each side even.  This is what it looked like.



The jumpsuit was coming together, but it was still too boxy at the top and it needed to come in a bit in order to have some shape.  To do this, I measured 10 inches down from the top of the sleeve and then measured in 5 inches.  I figured that was enough because the front drawstring would help to take it in more.



I cut my Kaftan to the 5 inch mark, and then turned my scissors to cut out a slight curve from that point down to the hip.  Once I cut one side, I just folded it over and followed those lines to make sure both sides matched.



I then grabbed my trusty seam ripper and removed the side stitching.  After that, I flipped every thing over so that the right sides were facing each other and starting at the crotch, pinned around the entire suit. (leaving the arm cutout and leg cutout unpinned lol.  I know it seems silly to mention, but I did it many times in my early sewing days!)





The legs had a really cool slit at each end and I decided to just leave them there.  I was going to sew in some elastic vertically so that each side would cinch up a bit, but I didn’t have any in my stash.  However, they still turned out cute and I will sew it in later.


Using a straight stitch and 1/2 inch seam allowance, I then sewed all around the suit (leaving the arms and leg openings open lol) I hemmed my neck line, and then gave it a good press with my iron.  After that, I inserted a 9 or 12 inch lime green zipper by cutting a slit down the middle back of my suit. I’m sorry I didn’t photograph this, but it was really simple.  Just follow basic zipper instructions.  If you still need help, let me know, and I will make a short zipper video for you.


That’s it! I really love how it turned out and I will be making these in all kinds of colors!!  And here are more pics of my “Divine” Jumpsuit Kaftan Revamp!!





It was super windy and the breeze kept blowing my pant leg in, but I promise both pant legs are the same size lol!


Diy Kaftan refashion


The…. back! Lol!! Okay, the end of the pics!! This jumpsuit is very comfortable and I hope you will try to make one for yourself!! IF you do, please send me pics!!! Also, if you would like a video on this, please let me know on my Facebook! Just like the post (my post and my page if you want lol) and let me know in the comment area!! My page is HERE.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! Please don’t forget to sign up for the sewing meetup if you live in Indy for May 14tth! Like and share and follow me on Instagram: @whimsnichole

 I love you all and thank you so much for the love!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mama’s!!! Xoxo!! Until next time!!!!








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2 thoughts on “The “Divine” Jumpsuit Kaftan Revamp!

  1. This jumpsuit looks adorable on you. You are good at picking out fabrics, I would be lost lol. Anyway, good work! 🙂

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