The Amazing Health Benefits Of Hibiscus

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Hello, All! Before beginning this post, I would like to say thank you for the love and support! The emails, pins, comments, and likes warm my heart and I’m happy that you are enjoying and sharing! Big hugs!! But as always, please read my disclaimer before trying ANY of my natural remedies.  You can find it HERE.  Now, let’s talk Hibiscus!

Many think of Hawaii when Hibiscus is mentioned because the image of it can be found on just about all things related to Hawaii.  Rightfully so, because Hibiscus is one of their native plants, and six native species of Hibiscus can be found living scarlet and beautiful there.  Lucky!! (In my Napoleon Dynamite voice) Hibiscus is pleasing to admire while in bloom, but the health benefits this ruby gem packs is to be admired as well!

You are probably wondering, “Nichole, how did you stumble across this?” Well, the answer is simple.   I love coffee, but too much of one thing isn’t good and I decided to take a break by sipping on tea.  I’m a big DIY type person, but with a busy 4 year old I will sometimes use shortcuts.  I was out shopping and stumbled upon some random tea that was on sale.  I purchased it, got my water going, put the bag in my cup, and then noticed my water developing into this gorgeous color.  You know, like the water left behind after cleaning a paintbrush loaded with red paint? Well, that’s how it looked.   Immediately I wanted to know why my lemon tea was giving off such an amazing, yet peculiar color.  I read the ingredients and noticed that Hibiscus was on the tea list! Boom! So what did I do? I educated myself on EVERYTHING Hibiscus!

If I went into full detail concerning Hibiscus you would be reading for a LONG TIME, but I have streamlined the information because I love you!!  Here we go!



I chose to place this powerful flower on my Spices of Life list because it has AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS!  However, always read my Disclaimer before trying ANY of my natural remedies which you can find right HERE.


Relieves high blood pressure

Immune booster

Protects the liver

Reduces the risks of cancer

Promotes a healthy metabolism needed for weight control

Helps to lower  cholesterol

Helps menstrual pain

Has antidepressant properties

Promotes Digestion

Helps inflammatory problems

Helps to maintain a healthy hormone balance

Contains vitamin C, Antioxidants and Minerals


Do not use during pregnancy as it could stimulate blood flow to the uterus.  Also those on hormone med’s or going through fertility should ask a doctor before use.

Hibiscus is a plant and allergic reactions or hay fever could occur.

Lowers blood pressure, but if your pressure is already low, do not use.  It could cause you to feel faint or dizzy.

Although rare, Hibiscus could cause hallucinations. Please sit while you sip to make sure Hibiscus does not effect you in this way.

I buy Hibiscus from my beloved store, Georgetown Market in the dried herbs section.  I store any unused Hibiscus in a dark, dry place inside of a mason jar.



Some may actually cook with Hibiscus, but I suggest using it as a tea.  Make it up, brew it, and sip on a delicious beverage that blesses your body in many ways!

If you would like to make your own hibiscus tea, all you have to do is click HERE!!! C’mon! I wasn’t going to leave you hanging!!

I hope you enjoyed this post on Hibiscus! Georgetown Market is my go to spot and for those who will be purchasing from them, please tell them Nichole from sent you!

if you don’t live in Indy, no worries because they will ship it to you!!! Just call (317) 293-9525 or visit their website, which you can find HERE. Tell them I sent you and place your order!  Please don’t forget to comment and share!

Hibiscus is a blessing to the body and a true SPICE OF LIFE!  Until next time!!!


love ni

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