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Hello, All! It’s MAKEOVER MONDAY!!! Woot, woot!  This week’s makeover is with Maria!




Maria is a busy wife, mother and Graphic Designer who enjoys makeup, but would like to know more about how to use it.  Her go to is usually mascara, earth toned shadows with a dark mahogany lip, but I wanted to take her slightly away from the usual.  I gave this busy lady a glamorous look by playing up her beautiful dark, Greek eyes and I introduced her to one of my favorite nude lipstick colors for her lips.  Maria’s skin has a cool, olive undertone and I neutralized that coolness by using a warm foundation base.


 I did her makeup for her wedding and had to follow HER rules, but THIS time I got my way!! FINALLY!!! YESSSSSSSSS!



Maria getting ready for her wedding

LOL! Maria is my dear friend, our babies play together and she has supported and prayed me through many things.  I love her very much and I hope you will love this Makeover Monday!!! Okay, here she is!!!



maria before







I played up the dark features of her eyes, neutralized her cool skin tone, slightly contoured her cheeks with a bronzer, highlighted with a cool champagne color, slathered on that sexy nude for her lips and applied some lashes.  She was born with the most AMAZING curls and all I did was fluff it a tad.  That’s it! All products used will be listed below!

Maria is a freelance Graphic Designer and you can check out her website here.

Thank you for stopping by to see this week’s Makeover Monday!!! Don’t forget to share and comment below!! I love you all and until next time!!!!


love ni



Dr. Lin Hydrating Gel which you can learn more about here.

ELF Mineral Face Primer

Mabelline Fit Me Foundation Stick Golden Beige

Iman Second To None Stick Foundation Sand 4

NYX Concealer Fair

Ben Nye Banana Powder

Iman Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder Afterglow (dark bronze for contour)

Iman Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder Afterglow (plum color for blush)

Mary Lou Manizer The Balm (Highlight for cheeks and eyes)


ELF Brow Kit (due to her full brows she didn’t need much)

NYX Concealer Light ( primer, base and for the  lid)

Jordana Brown Suede eyeliner in the crease

Mabelline Nudes Pallette second color on the bottom (crease and smoke effect under the eye)

Sorme Cocoa (crease and smoke effect under the eye)

Milani  Bella Bronze (crease)

My DIY Fix Spray

Mary Lou Manizer  (on the lid and corners of the eyes)

MAC Amber Lights (smoky effect under eye)

Black powder liner ( any matte will do)

Lashes, Demi Wispies (medium)


Milani Innocence (Matte)

Cocoa brown lip liner (I used hers.  I think it was from Rimmel)

NYX Madeleine (gloss)

Cocoa brown lip liner


She was born with it! I don’t take the credit for those beautiful curls!

All products used from this look are my personal products.

Makeup by Nichole Lewis of


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