Makeover Monday With Tasha B.!

Good morning and Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was AWESOME and guess what??? It’s……

With Tasha B!! I met this amazing woman several months ago when I featured her business, Stylish Bakery, in my Places, Whims, & Finds category.  If you missed it you can read about it right HERE.


I felt her kind and caring spirit right from the start, and she’s mega talented! Wife, mother, baker, event coordinator, singer, and much more! Hmm, kind of reminds me of someone I know lol!  She’s as sweet as her delicious confections and I hope you will enjoy!!


This is Tasha before.


I love her daughters chalk reflecting in her glass door! Super cute!


And this is Tasha after!!


Rocking the soft nude lilac lip!


Look at this gorgeous lady!! I was going to do a dramatic look, but I changed my mind because I just wanted to see her in one of my FAVORITE matte Milani lip colors, Blissful!! I love it on her and it went great with her skin tone.  I kept her makeup simple, but added drama with lashes and liner.


Look at her blowing kisses!!! MUWAH!!! Lol! Love her!



Higlight, Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm


The sun kept playing peak-a-boo with us, but it came out just enough to show this stunning highlight on her cheek!

You all know I love black and white photos!! Look at this one!


 This is probably my favorite photo! She looks graceful, soft, and elegant.

I love talking to her and Tasha’s singing voice is absolutely beautiful! (her regular voice is as well lol) She’s a woman of faith, a giver, nurturer, good listener, talented, and humble.  Tasha is a blessing to others and I feel very blessed to have met her.  I went to an event over the weekend and Tasha’s cupcakes were on the menu! Look at this!



I hope you had your breakfast! I know this is about makeup, but cakes wear makeup too! It’s just frosting instead of foundation! Smile!


This was fun and thank you Tasha for being such an awesome model!!! I love you girl!!! Xoxo!!



It’s only appropriate to end this post with a kiss from Tasha! Catch it!! Lol!!!


You can read my blog post on Tasha Here, find her website Here, and she is on Facebook Here!

I love you all and until next time!!!





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