Instagram Makeup Look Request

Instagram Makeup Look Request

Hello, Whimsers! I hope everyone is doing great and feeling good.  Right now, in these times, we need to feel good.  Choosing to do so in no way shape or form means you are neglecting serious issues, it just means you are choosing to make the best out of your day and life! Nothing brings more good feelings than great hair and makeup lol! I posted this picture on my Instagram and Facebook and I received a couple of …”How did you do your makeup?” emails so, I just decided to write a post about it because I love you!




Before I get into the makeup, let me give you a quick recap of why my hair is in flexi and perm rods.  I was sent some awesome products from The Mane Choice and I was reviving an old twistout from a few days ago.  I hadn’t posted makeup pics in a while and I decided to do this makeup look with a new style.  I made a video on my YouTube channel which you can watch HERE. (if you watch it, please subscribe xoxo)

Now..The Makeup!

Brows: My brows are pretty full, but sometimes I will enhance them for a more dramatic look.  In this case, I brushed them upward, and lightly filled them in using my favorite brow pencil! Elf Instant Lift Brow Pencil in Neutral Brown.  This is GREAT and it lasts ALL DAY!  After I got my shape right, I applied LA Pro Girl Warm Honey concealer to the arch for a more precise look.  That’s it.


Brows using Elf Brow High Lift Brow Pencil


Eyes: I primed my eyelid only with NYX shadow base in Skin Tone.  I then used one of my favorite makeup palettes by The Balm called In The Balm Of Your Hand.  I love this palette because it showcases some of their popular products in one place and it’s pretty darn amazing.  For my transition color, I used my favorite product, Queen bronzer in Q120.  I love this product and I wrote about it in my summer makeup post which you can find HERE.  After applying, I swept on the color Sexy from The Balm palette in my crease.  I then added more depth by applying the color Led Zeppelin.  This color looks army green, but it’s more of a black, grey, green mix.  This color is great if you want to add depth without adding black.  For my lid, I applied this gorgeous champagne color called, Mischevious Marissa and then I applied Hot Mama in the inner corners of my eyes.


I lined my eyes with NYC liquid liner in black and applied  Younique 3D Fiber Lash mascara.  I took a look and decided I wanted a little blue! I then applied an electric blue liquid liner only to the winged end of the black liner.  Pop! I applied a little mascara to my lower lashes and smoked out that lower lash area using the leftover Sexy and Led Zeppelin shadow on my brushes.  Led Zeppelin first and Sexy on top.


In The Balm Of Your Hand shadow by The Balm

I love these colors!


Face: After completing my eyes, I primed my face using my favorite BB Cream!!! IMAN BB Creme in Clay Medium! If you’ve been reading my makeup posts you know this is my ONE! It evens, moisturizes, and primes the skin without that pesky white mask that most BB’s leave on the face.  You can read my review on it HERE.  While it’s still a little dewy, I apply MAC NC45 Studio Fix Powder.  These two together give me the most AMAZING coverage and creates the perfect canvas for building my makeup look.

 I highlighted under my eyes, the highest points of my cheek bones, and middle of my forehead with LA Pro Girl concealer in Warm Honey.  I have an oval face shape with high, round cheeks and when I highlight, I keep it on the high points only and I don’t go past the corner of my eyes.  This technique keeps my face from appearing wider and keeps the eye on the high points of my face.  If you have a round or oval shape face remember this tip for highlighting! Keep it high and stop at the outer corner of your eye.  This will keep your face from appearing too wide! Wink!  I then lightly contoured the hollows of my cheeks, sides of my nose bridge, and outer temple area with the Covergirl Queen bronzer in Q120.  For my blush, I used a soft mauve color from my BH Cosmetics Blush Palette.  




Lips: I’ve been wearing super light or red colors for a while, so I decided to shake it up a tad by using one of my FAVORITE lip color brands, Milani!!! I do love Milani’s lipsticks! This one is #70 Fearless! This is a beautiful matte deep plumb tube of awesome! Please try it.  Milani is a great price, lasts all day, and does not dry your lips out.  This lipstick made this look work!  I then added a little Mary Lou Manizer highlighter by The Balm to the high area of my cheeks and cupids bow.


I took my hair down and that’s it! I really love the way this look turned out! The only regret, I didn’t use my Canon Camera because I was in a hurry, but the pics still turned out great.  What do you think?



That’s if for now!! I hope you will try some of these products and don’t forget to visit the highlighted links to read my previous blog posts and videos! Thank you so much for the mad love shown to me and this blog!! I truly appreciate it from my heart!

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Until next time!!!!












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