5 Hair Hacks All Blondes Should Know



Hello, All! This post is for my Blonde Bombshells! There is nothing like a gorgeous head of blonde hair! Be it straight, wavy, kinky, curly, long, medium or short.  Blonde hair makes a statement! Its bold tone speaks to the core of just about every professional hair stylist and the call creates an excitement within our creative hearts.  We get those foils out, mix up that bleach and work hard to create the perfect hue because nothing gives a stylist more props than a perfect blonde client!

Yes, blonde is exciting, but without proper care excitement can easily turn into disappointment! Years of bleaching and highlights can wreak havoc, causing weak and damaged strands! An outstanding hair stylist will be able to safely create blonde hair, but do them a favor and try your best to take care of it!

These 5 hacks will help keep the integrity of your precious blonde hair between salon visits, and if you follow them, you will see a major improvement in the look and performance of your beloved blonde hair! Ready? Here we go!


This is AMAZING for blondes because it strengthens, nourishes, protects, improves manageability, imparts shine, promotes hair growth, and moisturizes the hair! You only need two ingredients and it’s easy to make!

2 1/2 Tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil

1/2 teaspoon of Grapeseed Oil

Mix in a small bowl and that’s it! Make sure your hair is damp, apply from root to ends, place on a plastic processing cap, wrap your cap in a bandana, protect your pillow with a towel, and Boom! Go to sleep! The next day, shampoo and style as usual.  This should be done once a week or 3 times a month. If your hair is long and thick this amount should be fine, but double it if you need more.  For short hair, reduce by half.

You will be able to find the plastic processing caps at Sally Beauty Supply or you can use good ole plastic wrap! It can get a tad messy, but the extra protection of the bandana and towel will help with that.  You can find Organic Coconut oil and Grapeseed oil in grocery stores, health food stores or at my all time fav…Georgetown Market! Just stop in if local or give them a ring at (317) 293-9525 if you life out of state.  Place your order and they will be happy to ship it to you!


Yes, blondes tend to get brassy and a great way to keep the brass away is by adding 3 ounces of Shimmer Lights to your favorite shampoo! You should be able to find this at Sally Beauty Supply for around $8. If you have an 8 ounce bottle of shampoo, remove 3 ounces, and replace with Shimmer Lights Shampoo. Shake and that’s it!  I have been telling people about this for years and it works! Shimmer Lights also has a conditioner, but I suggest this shampoo hack only.  Use once a week or when you see brassiness.  Get your hair wet, apply the shampoo and let it sit for 2-3 minutes.  Rinse and viola! No brass!


Blondes should avoid heat as much as possible and taking the advantage of sleep and rest to dry your hair is effortless.  Yes, you may have to use your blow dryer or flat iron in the morning to smooth a little, but you won’t have to use as much heat! Air drying is a great way to add texture and movement to your hair.  All you have to do is shampoo, divide your hair into four sections (part down the middle and then from ear to ear) apply a little mousse or gel, loosely braid each section, place a head band on your head, pull it down to your temples, lightly wrap each loosely braided section around the headband a couple of times, and then go to sleep.  Blast it with your blow dryer a little if needed in the a.m. Unwrap each loose braid, remove the head band, and take down your new textured style! Wear it down, swoop it to the side or bobby pin sections until you achieve a cute look! All you have to do is say, “Boom!” and go forth oh, so gorgeous into the world!



Use a pick! I can’t stress this enough! I know we love our brushes and you will still use them, but they should never be your first choice to remove tangles!! Picks are great for tangles and if a pick can calm my curls without breakage then imagine what it can do for you! Lol! Blondes can have problems with snags due to bleaching, and using brushes while the hair is wet could cause serious damage! Picks take care of the tangles in a gentle and effective way. Some cost $1 and I promise they will be your best hair friend.  Always untangle your wet hair with a pick and then move on to your brushes!!



And last, but not least… ditch the towel and opt for a cotton t-shirt for drying your hair.  Towels can cause harm to fragile, bleached tresses and wrapping your wet hair in a cotton t-shirt will help to keep the hair from being roughed up and potentially harmed.  Make sure it’s  very large and a pretty good quality t-shirt.  Simply squeeze out any excess water from your hair, flip your head over, place your hair in the widest part of your t-shirt, and wrap.  You could also leave it closed and wrap, either way your hair will be happy and so will you!

I hope you will try these 5 hair hacks! Don’t forget to share, like, pin, and comment below!!! If you try these hair hacks, please let me know!!! I will be back very soon with more professional hair tips! Until next time!!!!




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