Zoe’s Deep Sea Adventure Mermaid Cake!


Hello, All! If you decorate cakes you know how much of a blessing it is to be able to make your child’s Birthday Cake! Even if you don’t decorate, you do your very best to find the perfect cake in order to make your child’s day special! My baby turned 4 and when I asked her what she wanted this year for her cake the response was crystal clear!

“Mommy, I want a  mermaid sea adventure cake!”

Now, what in the heck is that? She couldn’t just ask for a mermaid cake! No! She had to throw deep sea adventure in it!!!! Hmm, I wonder where she gets it from??? Anywho, I had to do it! It was her special day and Mommy had to fill the order! I began thinking of the sea.  Hmm, what all lives down there? I wrote down clams, starfish, coral and octopus.  I also threw in some bubbles and sand! Boom! The cake was born! I drew a little sketch and then headed to my favorite cake decorating and supply store, Ms. B’s Sweet Supplies located here in Indy! (I love her and that store)  There I found boxes, a Z monogram, cake boards, pink foil to cover my cake board, fondant, clam and starfish candy molds which I used to make, well , the clams and starfish lol.  I had everything else and headed home to make this child’s cake! I rolled out a small amount of fondant, colored some of it orange and pink, made the clams, starfish and cute little octopus guys the night before.  I placed them on wax paper and let them chill in the freezer. Get it? Chill? Okay, let’s move on.

Zoe loves chocolate and since her B-day party was the day before Valentine’s Day I decided to throw in some some strawberry! I baked a 10 inch round chocolate cake and filled it with strawberry filling and Oreo cookies.


The 8 inch was plain yellow and the 6 inch was the same as the 10 inch.  I did dye the yellow cake pink just for her!  The cool thing about making this kind of cake is the fact that you don’t have to make your finished buttercream super smooth.  Hello, this is the deep sea and the ocean is NOT smooth lol! I thank God for that because I had things to do.  I made regular buttercream and used electric blue, leaf green and electric purple for my colors.


Cake decorators, please don’t judge me for my board! Okay, I iced my cake, lightly smoothed the buttercream and then made waves by adding a little blue food coloring to a pipping bag filled with white buttercream.  I used a large star tip.  I then made seaweed by wiggling my leaf tip from the bottom up and made these cute little coral things ( I think that’s  what they are, but they turned out cute) out of fondant.  I simply made a small cone, pushed a skewer into the center of the wide part and then jabbed it with a fork a few times until it had the texture that I wanted.

I love Mr. Octopus! So cute!

I did that on all layers of the cake.  I then added the sea creatures, bubbles (sixlets candy) and graham cracker crumbs which I used for sand.  I love flowers and this cake would not be Whimsnichole’d without some! I was super happy to use these left over fondant flowers I made for a bridal shower.  Wilton has little cake dolls that have a torso only.  They come with a long pick which you can easily insert into a cake. I did just that, made her tail out of fondant which I dyed purple and I used food grade sparkles to give her tail a cool scale effect.



See! Scales can be cute!

I packed her up and headed off to the party.



We had so much fun and to know my baby was happy…priceless (tears as I write )



They swam, ate, played, laughed and played some more!! I just knew there would be some sleepy children that night, but I was sooo wrong because this happened! Boom!


Mermaids don’t sleep! Boom!


Lol! It was a great party and the only thing missing was her big sister Amaris, but she had to work and we really missed her 🙁

I hope you all enjoyed this Confections post! If you decorate cakes please visit Ms. B’s! You can find her store here.  I’ll be back soon with more sweet stories!! Until next time!!

love ni


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  1. Great job on the cake, Nichole! I am glad Zoe had a fabulous party. We appreciate the kind words!!

    Thanks again,
    Ms. B’s Sweet Supplies

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