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Hello, All! There is so much going on in the world and we need words of hope and inspiration like never before to fuel and feed our souls.  I’m happy to introduce this very special woman to you, Danielle Napier.  She submitted a small, but awesome piece on Plans and I hope you will enjoy it!


I’ve been friends for almost 4 years with Danielle, but I truly don’t remember a day without her in my life.  Our friendship began with these five simple words: “Nichole, I’ll be your friend.” and we have been divinely connected ever since.   Many will say they are your friend, but few will sincerely show it.  This woman is the epitome of “friend”, full of wisdom, exudes kindness, and means so much to me.  Danielle is the person cheering at the finish line when you are running a grueling race.  Not caring if you finish first or last, just there to remind you that you can’t give up!  God heard my prayer when He placed her in my life, and I’m thankful for her.  I love you Danielle! Thank you for submitting this piece!

Her message is short, but sweet and I hope it will inspire you today!




“When Your Plans Don’t Go According to Plan”

written by, Danielle Napier


Featured For The Soul writer, Danielle Napier

So at some point or another we’ve all been told to plan for the
future. Short term future or long term future it doesn’t matter…just
make plans. This is a positive thing because it’s important to have a
general idea of where you are going in life, but what happens when
your exciting, well thought out plans, get all messed up?

Sometimes when life takes a turn for what seems like the worse, it’s
not always a bad thing. There is a saying, “Man makes plans and God
laughs”.  Many times the plans we make for ourselves are advised by
someone else, or our plans are made at the wrong time in life.
Sometimes our plans may not be a big enough vision, and things need to be
broken down and built back up to make way for the new plan, or as I
call it, a new path in life.

We all have a unique purpose in life.  What you thought you were going to do may end up being something totally different, and when this epiphany happens, welcome it with a clear mind and open heart because GREAT things are coming! I always say,

“With change comes growth, with growth comes joy, with joy comes the
essence of who you are meant to be”.  The essence of who you are meant to be…indeed.



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  1. Girl you made me cry with that whole introduction lol. I love you keep doing what you’re doing. The blog looks great BTW!

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