Nichole Lewis

Hello! Welcome, welcome to my blog!!  I’m very happy that you found me and I hope my blog inspires you to try something new, learn a few tricks, tweak some of your old ones and hopefully share some of your goodness with me.

I‘m a wife, mother, Minister, Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Life Coach, MUA, Motivational Speaker & Blogger with many interests! My blog has something for EVERYONE and is full of professional hair and make up tips, inspiring devotionals, sewing, glam, recipes, crafts, interesting places and a page dedicated to my beloved natural home remedies.  I describe myself as a “Multifascinated” (yes, it is a word! well, sort of lol) person and every element that makes up “me” is reflected in my blog.

 I have a passion for people and teach inspirational workshops for women, facilitate various leadership programs and have done so in the Indianapolis area for over 7 years. Yes, I wear many hats, but I’m so thankful for every gift and talent that I’ve been blessed with and this is my sincere way of sharing them with all of you!

A quote you will see often on my blog is, “When you have good information you should share it.” I share to help inspire and motivate! Seriously, what good is it all if you keep it to yourself? My hope for this blog is that each post will inspire creativity and provoke an “I can” attitude.

I’m truly thankful for every blog, video and tutorial that has helped and inspired me throughout the years, and my hope is that whimsnichole.com will do the same for you.

 Hey, I don’t know everything and I don’t always get it right, but my whimsical approach to life keeps me trying, learning, hoping, loving and most importantly…smiling! Once again, thank you and enjoy!

love ni



Q & A

What word best describes you?

What? one word? Well, I guess that would be multi-fascinated lol! According to my dictionary, Multi-fascinated simply means to have multiple interests. I’m constantly trying something new and bouncing from one thing to another.  Therefore, multi-fascinated is the perfect word to describe me.

Things About You.

1. I’m very sentimental.

2. I love butterflies

3. I love every genre of music and Daft Punk intrigues me.

4.I taught myself to roller skate at the age of 6 on the sidewalk! I still have the slight scar on my knee to prove it!

5. I LOVE Bollywood movies!!!!! Shahrukh Khan is my favorite B.W. actor!

6. I drive without the radio on because I love quiet time.

7. My husband and I were friends for over 15 years before getting married.

8. I love to sew, but hate cutting out patterns.

9. I love without conditions.

10. I can do NOTHING without God, but everything because of Him.

11. I love to laugh and crack jokes, sometimes too much hee-hee.

12. Even though I laugh and crack jokes, I’m a very serious person.

13. I wish there were another word to describe a step child other than..step.  I loathe saying it.

14. Clusters suck! I hate cluster things! They creep me out.

15.  I love flowers and my fav is the periwinkle blue Hydrangea.  So pretty!

16. I think I’m cool, in my cool kind of cool way.

17. I adore  going out to breakfast.

18. My youngest daughter cracks me up! I watch her and just laugh.

19. My Oldest (step daughter) cringe… is 17 years older than her younger sister and is a phenomenal dancer.

20. I’m repulsed by bats and I believe Opossums or Possums are an abomination.

21. My mother killed my goldfish while cleaning its bowl.  It fell into the garbage disposal side of the sink 🙁 She tried to save him, but ended up flipping the switch instead. Why.

22. I’m the baby of 8 and the boss at the same time! Boom! Well, in my mind I am.

23. I had my appendix removed at the age of 3.

24. Candy is great!

25. I love bracelets and I don’t go anywhere without earrings!

26. I can hula hoop with some of my earrings.

27. I love socks and lounge wear.

28. My favorite dessert is ice cream.  My favorite flavor is ice cream.

29. I’m a true, do it yourself kind of gal.

30. I taught myself to do most things such as crochet, build websites, sew, decorate and maybe some other stuff.

31. I’m animated because of my mother and bossy because of my aunt.

32. Mustard? No, thanks!

33. My Mother in law is an awesome cook! I love her cooking and she’s pretty sassy too!

34. I’m a gum popper, but I detest when others do it.  I know right!

35. I love musicals and documentaries.

36.  My pet list includes: an iguana, dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pig, fish and a raccoon, but not all at the same time! Dang, do you think I’m crazy?? Smile!

38. I love to say love, boom and you feel me?

39. I really enjoy coffee.

40. I might be 40..I might not! lol

Why should we believe your reviews?

I will ONLY suggest what I believe is a true asset to life because I tried it, it worked and I love it! My reviews will always be based on my honest opinion.

If I see something that you created on your blog and would like one for myself can I order from you?

From time to time I may have items that can be ordered, but it will be for a limited time and for limited orders, but maybe I will be giving away some cool things as well!!!!!

How did you come up with Whimsnichole?

Well, that is who I am.  I started to name it something else, but the only word that described me was Whimsical and I said it very fast and Nichole popped out.  Boom!  WhimsNichole.com was born!! I said it like 200 times and each time it just sounded right.



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